We have partnered with The Small Herd, a whole-carcass butchery supporting sustainable British Farming to source the animals for our butchery counter. Known for supplying London’s top Butchers like Hill & Szrok and Stella’s, we’re privileged to be providing E3 with the highest quality meat in London. For our inhouse butcher Jake, it was important to source our meat from a partner working with small herds that are farming in a conscious and sustainable way. Working with a whole carcass supplier means the animal is respected with nothing going to waste. 


We met Harry and Sam at the Barge East Sunday Market shortly after they launched Shrub in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Previously working in professional kitchens, organic permaculture farms and food-chain logistics, they identified the desire for Chefs to get as close to their food as possible. While new, emerging organic farms needed a larger market to sell from – Enter Shrub!

There is a growing demand for complete transparency and integrity in our supply chains, not just for our health, our natural world, and wild places, but also our local economies, cultures, and a secure food future. Shrub facilitates the relationships between producers and chefs in a modern way, with a nod to the past. You’ll be able to pick up restaurant grade produce used in London’s top restaurants.


Focused on providing tasty, native breed, 
free range meat sourced from British small farmers who care. Focused on the ethos of eating less meat but high quality to support 
a sustainable food chain and regenerative farming practices. 

Jake butchers in store and can recommend the best cuts and best way to cook them.


We love a local product and you can’t get much closer than I Am Nut OK! Angela and Nivi, an American and Italian couple, create their mouth-watering vegan cheeses in here in Hackney Wick. 

When Nivi decided to go Vegan, as an Italian struggled to give us cheese. Becoming a passion project for Angela, she started experimenting, creating tasty alternatives and I Am Nut OK was born! 

Using a mix of traditional and new techniques to create plan-based cheeses, small batch and made by hand. They are loved by vegan and non-vegans alike! 


Founded 25 years ago in New Zealand and London 11 years ago, we have partnered with Ozone to bring you outstanding specialty coffee by a business that is a force for good. 
A B Corp Certified business, they work directly with responsible coffee producers and are extremely considered in their sourcing. 
With our partnership, our staff are trained on how to carefully care for the beans and how to make the best coffee in Hackney Wick.

Fill Refill Co 

Meet Fill, I mean Phil, the founder of the Fill Refill Company.

Fill Refill Co is a family run business based in Northamptonshire, making everything themselves; they supply refillable eco laundry and household cleaning products.

The family has quite the history in eco cleaning products with Phil’s Dad being a maverick chemist inventor who in the 1980's ‘accidentally’ created a new product to revolutionise the big laundry industry helping save water & energy! 

Phil joined his father’s business in 2011 and inspired by his cousin working in sustainable marketing, the unpackaged and refill movement, along with his own desire to creative something new – Fill was born! The brand focuses on creating amazing eco-friendly products but also developing a brand that brought a bit of ‘cool’ into the market.

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